Our Story

Plastic waste is a problem all over the world created by decades of consumerism. Canada and Toronto are no exception to this. We know this. We see it everywhere and we want to do something about it.

Plastic, despite its capabilities, has always been deemed as a cheap product. At Plastic Flux, we want to represent the transition and flow of plastic to something greater. We want to unlock its potential and give it a permanent home.

Plastic Flux up-cycles plastic waste and transforms them into designer furniture pieces and household goods. One of our goals is to be fully transparent and as such, our products will indicate how much plastic is diverted away from landfills. We believe in creating elegance and value without destroying the world we live in. 

Plastic Flux is based and operating out of Toronto, ON, Canada.


Meet the Founder

Plastic Flux, established by Hanson in 2021, was conceived long before its formal inception. During Hanson's University of Waterloo days, he turned to relief carving as a stress-relieving activity, yet the resulting wood shavings prompted him to seek a more eco-conscious alternative. This quest led him to discover Precious Plastic and its open-source machines. Although the idea surfaced much earlier, it wasn't until 2021, following participation in a pitch competition and grant applications, that Plastic Flux became a reality.

This journey has just begun, and I'm excited to have you with me!

- Hanson